About us

The Brand

RORYUNITE is a furniture and interiors design studio with it’s own manufacturing facility. As well as developing our own product line, we offer three main services to clients looking for custom design for their own projects: Design, Prototype, and Manufacture.

We can offer a turnkey approach of all phases or individual phases depending on the needs of the client. Being primarily a design studio, we welcome collaborations with clients needing concepts to realise their vision. We present our ideas through detailed 3D renderings.

We have a talented team of craftsmen capable of realising a design, and taking it through the prototyping phase. This is an essential part of bringing a design to life and ensuring the quality and integrity of a product. We can also lab test a product to ensure it passes all international standards if required.

Once the design has been prototyped, we have the facility to manufacture the product within our minimum order requirements. We have our own workshop and we collaborate with other workshops, this gives us the ability to cover many processes and materials under the supervision of our own quality control.

A welcome addition to the furniture design scene, Rory Unite is quickly finding his place in both the Australian and International market.

The Designer

Rory designs and produces finely crafted furniture and functional objects. His work embodies a clean and honest aesthetic, utilising predominantly reclaimed materials and processes available locally. His design practice mixes old world craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques whilst letting the object retain the integrity of the story it wants to tell.

His growing interest in the ‘liveable space’ saw him pack up and move to Indonesia where he set out to build a team of highly skilled craftsmen capable of realising contemporary furniture designs in an expanding and developing industrial environment. Coming from a sculptural background, the excitement of mixing large scale industrial process with local traditional craft and materials led him to create his own workshop in Java.

This change of environment and exposure to an unfamiliar and increasingly vibrant industry has allowed him to explore new processes and engage with materials at a different level. The first collections to be realised out of this exciting process are now on offer and available within Australia and ready for international orders.